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Help, my teen is getting bullied!!

October 3, 2017

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Networking Tips for High School and College Students

December 26, 2016


 I was invited to speak at a college and career planning event to youths on Networking and Career Building in June. The teens loved the information and I thought it would be helpful to share with some of my readers on here. 


With teens, you always want to start with an ICEBREAKER to keep them engaged during your workshop. So, why not a little Social Media Bingo. I created this using a Bingo template. 




 Questions Every Teen Should Hear:

  • Do you have a resume?

  • Do you have a LinkedIn account?

  • Do you serve on any committees in and outside of your church?

  • Do you do community service projects?

  • Have you attended a networking event?

  • Have you ever attended a leadership retreat/conference (apart from a religious organization)?

  • Do you have at least a 3.5 GPA?

  • Is your social media accounts private?

  • Do you have business cards?

  • Have you ever had an internship? 



You would be surprised to hear how many teens never heard of LinkedIn or the amount of teens that don't realize how their social media accounts can ruin a  potential job opportunity. 

*70% of recruiters rejected candidates based on information they found about the candidate online. 



Where to Network?

  • College Career Services - Your college campus can assist you with completing a career assessment. If you're in high school, your Guidance Counselors need to know you by NAME not just by face! 

  • Fellowship Services - From your work study, research assistantships to study abroad opportunities. These are added bonuses to your resume and when you're preparing for the job market or graduate school. 

  • Student Organization Groups - If you're in college, get involve in organizations and clubs (fraternities, sororities, honor society organizations, student government organizations, etc). For example, if you're a Psychology major then you may want to join the Psy Chi Club on campus. If you're a high school student, you want to get involve in high school organizations. I would suggest you hold a leadership role in high school. For example, the President of National Honor Society Club. These opportunities are great when you're applying to colleges, jobs and scholarships. 

  • Professors/Teachers - If you're in college, your professors and the Head Department of your program need to know you. For example, if you're majoring in Finance then the Department Chair of the Finance should know you. Many college students are seeking internships, job opportunities post-grad and graduate school. These professors have connections and are great at writing your letter of recommendations for jobs and graduate school. 

  • Networking Events - THIS IS MAJOR! Don't wait until you graduate college to start attending networking events. Join your local chapters of Urban League, NAACP, National Black Nurses Association, American Psychology Association, etc. to attend trainings, conferences and networking events. Please have your business cards ready and try to gain at least 2 solid connections at these event that you will follow up with within 24-72 hours from the event. 





*If you would like for me to speak to your high school or college students, please email info@marlinefrancois.com for bookings. 

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